Energy Savings Power


In today’s fragile economy, the cost of energy for most mid to large size businesses can literally DEVOUR their operating costs! In some cases, energy costs eat up such a large portion of those operating expenses, it can force some of those businesses to totally shut down. But UEC can put an immediate stop to that once and for all!
Recent deregulation policies now make it possible for your business to have a choice of gas and electric suppliers. Knowing which ones to choose and how to negotiate the best prices is an overwhelming, time-consuming job left best to specialists in this field… specialists like UEC. We can be your single source for finding the suppliers and pricing best for you.
UEC starts by doing an analysis of your current energy expenditures and needs. From this analysis, we scour the field of electric and gas suppliers, putting your business up for bid and using tough negotiating tactics to lock in the most reasonable rates on a long term basis. In most cases, we will save you as much as 10% to 30%!

UEC is your energy shopping center with expertise in energy wholesale supply, demand response, energy efficiency and solar. While you spend all your time running your business, we spend all our time finding you the best deals. We do all the shopping, You do all the saving… as much as 10% to 30%! The vast universe of competitors and our independent status gives us the negotiating power to deliver.
UEC is an energy specialist serving a special list of business categories including commercial & industrial companies, manufacturing, hospitals, hotels and entertainment, government and municipal organizations, water & school districts, property management companies and more!
Top NJ Energy Consultant:
While you are reading this, you may be overpaying dramatically for your next energy bill in the Garden State. Let UEC flex its “ESP” (Energy Savings Power) muscle…The power to help reduce your energy costs and profit from our Energy Management expertise.